Friday, November 18, 2005

42. Oy

It has snowed here again, and this time it is remaining on the ground so things are looking up for me.

I had a disconcerting experience today that I would like to share with all of you… it has nothing to do with being Christian, Gay and Confused, it was just disturbing.  This afternoon I was looking after 2 kids of a friend of mine.  I normally don’t resort to TV or videos with kids I’m babysitting, but well, the little girl I had this afternoon was so thrown by my presence that I thought I’d put on something familiar so maybe she would relax.  She wasn’t crying or anything, she was just staring at me in confusion.  So, anyway, I put on Sesame Street… it worked to a certain degree, she started laughing and pointing and coming out of her shell a bit, so that was good.

I, of course, as a 30 year old woman have not watched Sesame Street in years so it was really weird, but kind of nice, to see all those old and yet very familiar faces – Maria, Gordon, Susan, Luis, Bob… and, of course, all the Muppets I remember.  But then there were all these new Muppets that I have never heard of which kind of weirded me out.  The worst was yet to come though.  

There was this one sketch they did about a karaoke night, and one of the singers was a black guy in his 20s named Miles Robinson.  I sat there for several minutes trying to figure out how come I knew that name.  And then it hit me… and it hit me hard.  I remember when Miles was a baby!  He is Gordon and Susan’s adopted son.  That’s how I originally learned what adoption was.

I’m old.  I’m really, really old.  

That sucks.


Angel said...

LOL I so understand that old feeling!!

Eric said...

goodness...i know. i've been 30 for, what, a week and a half? it's gradually creeping up on me and i'm conscious of the fact that my metabolism is gonna slow down real quick!

you know you're getting old when you start saying things like...."jeesh! kids these days!"

Enemy of the Republic said...

Just found your blog. I'm glad you are doing this. I am coming back to the Christian faith, but the biggest turn off is the attitude toward gays. I am not gay, but I see it as a sexual orientation, not sin, and I am appaulled at how self-righteous Christians can be. I believe God is fine with homosexuality; most rational people agree. Please keep writing and doing what you are doing.