Wednesday, October 05, 2005

29. Dr. Phil

One of the things that sucks about having a head cold (at least for me) is that I can only sleep for a maximum of 4 hours at a time (it can often be less than that) because that is the longest any decongestant will work.  So, basically, for the past 5 days I’ve had a series of naps, but not a single good night’s sleep.  It sucks.  I feel a little out of it – sleep is a very important part of my life!  

Anyway, now that I’ve kvetched, (whoa!  My spellcheck recognizes ‘kvetch’!) I thought I would share some really exciting news.  Justin, from is going to be on the Dr. Phil show.  Now, I don’t watch Dr. Phil, but I will definitely watch this episode… whenever it is (I have been unsuccessful in finding out when the air date of this episode will be, but I imagine it will be next week, as it is taping today).  

I have actually never chatted with Justin, but I have read his essay and listened to his radio show and his keynote address; and while I don’t know if I agree with him on every point (he is definitely Side A), I love his heart.  His love for Christ and His church is so evident.

Well, I just thought I’d pass the news on.  If I find out when it’s taping, I’ll let you all know.


Leo said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm not much of a Dr. Phil fan, but Justin sounds interesting.

Leo said...

No new posts lately, are you still sick? I hope everything's ok with you.