Friday, December 16, 2005

49. Tidbits From my Life

Well, I ended up on the fake radio again (December 16, 2005 episode)… those guys are going to give me a swelled head!

I also saw King Kong, and (mild spoiler alert!) I just have one question… how come, at the end of 2005, I can still go to an action movie and know that the black guy is going to die?  What is up with that?  Seriously, the minute I saw the black guy I thought “Dude, run!  You’re the only black guy, you’re doomed!”  

I enjoyed the movie though, it’s fun… and I admit to being fascinated by special effects.  I did have to shut my eyes during the bug part, but other than that I totally enjoyed it.  It didn’t make me cry like the original did though, but I saw the original as a very young girl so things might be different now. (“Mommy, why are they shooting at the big monkey?  It’s not his fault… he’s just a monkey, he doesn’t know… Mommy, is the monkey going to die?  Mommy?  Mommy!?!?!?”)

In other news, I finally signed some contracts and am off to Korea soon… as soon as 3 weeks… which means I have a lot to do, and I have not started at all.  Well, that’s not true.  I’ve put ads up to sublet my place (hey, if any of you know someone who wants a 2 bedroom, fully furnished condo in Ottawa for $1000/month including utilities, drop me a line!), but I haven’t started packing or anything.  I really need to get on that.  Like, right now actually.  But I’m writing a blog entry so it will have to wait.  

Uh… actually, I have no other news… so I guess I have to get to work.  Damn.


Angel said...

Three weeks???? Holy cow! Good luck with your preparations :)

Hoping to go see Kong this weekend. I used to cry so hard at the older one as a kid, my mom threatened to not let me watch it anymore, so I'm taking tissues lol.

Boo said...

The previews look good, but there's still no getting around the fact that King Kong is really one of the most racist movies ever made.

You're still gonna blog from Korea, right?!

Beware, the more unattainable you become, the more flirtatious I'm likely to get. I wonder if that explains anything about my life...

JJ said...


Glad to hear someone else cried during the old King Kong... I didn't want to be seen as such a wuss!


Okay, I'm biting... racist? I know the black guy dies but... well, the black guy dies in every movie... and I don't really remember any black guys from the original... just remember the "big monkey" and being really, really sad. For most racist movie ever made I'd have to vote for "Birth of a Nation", which I wasn't even able to finish because it pissed me off so bad (that and because it was a thousand hours long!) What was racist about King Kong?

And yes, I'll blog from Korea... I'll probably have to change the name of this blog then.

"Beware, the more unattainable you become, the more flirtatious I'm likely to get."

Oh dear, I'm liable to spontaneously combust!

Boo said...

"What was racist about King Kong?"

Lessee... bold party of great white hunters heads out to tame an unknown wilderness. They come on a tribe of black savages, who immediately fall for the nubile blond girl even though they've never seen white people before, and kidnap her, because they've got this huge ultra-horny ape-man running loose on the island they've got to pacify him. They tie up said nubile blond Aryan Goddess as an offering and the ultra horny ape-man carries her off. He falls for her because of her civilizing influence, and she falls for him presumably because of his enormous schlong, and because beneath his bestial and savage exterior she can see he's really a very sweet and gentle beast, if not terribly smart. Great white hunters get the girl back, and decide to take the ape-man back with them to try and civilize him. Of course, he breaks free and runs amok, because civilization just isn't his real nature. He grabs the aryan goddess again, climbs a giant phallic symbol, and has to be put down.

Nope, no subtext there.

JJ said...

Oh my. I guess I never looked at Kong as a symbol for, you know... well, anything... I often forget that one of the things white people call us (or rather called us in the past) is "monkey"... yeah, not so nice.

In the new version the "savages" were not all black... most of them were white, not that that makes much of a difference to the story line... I actually don't remember the savages from the old one at all, it's been a really long time.

But I still see it as just a story... a sad, sad story.

"presumably because of his enormous schlong"

Uh... I'm not sure where I came across this information, and I have no desire to google it because of the results I will get, but gorillas have tiny schlongs.

Boo said...

More than you ever wanted to know about testicles.

Boo said...

Here's a much better one:

Peterson Toscano said...

I adored King Kong and I too closed my eyes during the bug scene. That T-Rex seen would NEVER end! I don't think I took a breath for 5 whole minutes.

I was especially moved by the relationship between the black man and the young white boy. As a gay man I wondered the nature of their relationship. Like father and son? brothers? lovers?

The film was beautifully shot. Each scene was so lovely, brilliant camera angles.

All the best on your journey to Korea--may it be a life expanding adventure.

Boo said...

"I was especially moved by the relationship between the black man and the young white boy. As a gay man I wondered the nature of their relationship. Like father and son? brothers? lovers?"

Um... that last is a little twisted, Peterson.

Elizabeth said...

Dude. I know. I saww the black guy and was like, "Oh shit, he's doomed" haha.

Sad, isn't it?

Yeah the last line should have been the beast killed the beauty. He still didn't get it.

The beast was mankind and the beauty was king kong. I cried for almost an hour and a half straight, man. It was so awesome!

Good luck on your journey to Korea!!! God bless!