Friday, June 30, 2006

69. Happy Canada Day!

Man, if ever there is a time I miss living in Ottawa (the capitol city of our great Dominion, for those of you who don't know), today is the day. The day usually begins with a Canada Day Brunch at my friend M.B.'s house, and then take a walk around Ottawa. I usually go with a bunch of friends to watch the fireworks on The Hill at around 9:00 (again, that's Parliament Hill), and I've even stuck around for the massive concert afterwards. It's just a good time.

But today I am in Korea. The Canadian Embassy threw their party last weekend, and from what I understand, pretty much no one went, cause, well... it was a week early! I guess they wanted the day off as much as anyone else. I know my coworkers (who are all Canadian -- at least the ones that count are, anyway) are all going out tonight, but I am not among them. I would either end up out with "Lick My Boob" girl (which is unappealing for obvious reasons), or end up among the sea of couples that are going out with S. and D. Neither option is really sounding great to me. So I will stay here, wishing I was home, and probably playing around with some video I took of my kids yesterday.

I actually do have some blog relevant thoughts to share, but I'm not in the mood to write anything serious. I want to be drinking mimosas and eating breakfast quiche at M.B.'s house. For today, I am quite homesick.


Jason said...

I totally feel you... Sometimes you just need to be home. Strangely enough though, I find that the home I miss has nothing to do with where I was born. No, when the Muslim holidays(which technically I shouldn't celebrate as a Christian, but the food is good and the company better) roll around I'll be homesick for the Middle East.

Which I hope answers your question on my blog... I am(or was) your reader fromt he Middle East.

Happy late Canada Day!

Eric said...