Sunday, December 04, 2005

45. Haze

I have no real excuse.  My brain has just been foggy lately… well, all of November.  I can’t think about anything really for very long.  Hopefully I will come out of this haze soon.

I made it on the fake radio again… the December 2nd, 2005 show.  

I should also tell you that I will be absent for a little while longer.  My mom has “encouraged” (read “bullied) me to go to a counseling week at her church.  She has decided that all of our relationship problems are actually my problems and if I deal with my issues, she can continue to behave in the same way.  It’s a little maddening.  But I’m going.  I’m sure it will be interesting.  I decided to be honest when filling out the forms, something which I’m regretting now.  I know that they will try and pray the gay away… which, honestly, if it was going to work, I think it would have worked by now.  But, well, I’m hoping that the week won’t be an entire bust.  I do believe that God can use anything… he used a donkey for crying out loud.  I do think that this week could turn out to be productive.  At the very least, I might get a semi-coherent blog entry out of it.


Boo said...

Just remember that counseling is about the client's agenda and you're the client. If they insist on trying to "pray the gay away" and don't work on what you want to work on, then you're not going to accomplish anything.

But since you made it sound like you're going for your mother's agenda anyway, you need to figure out what you want to accomplish with it first before you set foot in anyway. Unless you've already figured that out and just didn't put it down here.

Alli said...

I went to get the 'gay' prayed out of me the other day, but they decided that its not the gay part thats the problem, and that its in fact just a phase so I will get over it (I am 21 btw). They also said it stems from crappy relationships in my life, so they prayed for that but they didnt tell me what to do next. Like oh we'll pray for you and you'll be fine. So not happening like that.

Ming & Sam said...

Hi, JJ.

I'm Sam, the moderator/youth advisor that started up the Kairos Fellowship blog for our church. First, I have to apologize for taking -- literally, word for word -- one of your posts and pasting it into our blog-site. My wife and I found it while looking for resources for our current youth group discussion on the topic "Who is our neighbour?" and using the Wesley Quadrilateral as an analytical tool for examining current issues, and yours was both a moving, rational and powerfully persuasive testimony that had to be shared with our young people (age range from 16 to 21 years). I believe you've already contacted two of them: Gord (at Queen's), and JoAnne (Carleton).

If you like, you can send me an email, and perhaps we can start up a conversation.