Thursday, July 24, 2008

124. Life Stuff

So, my life may be about to change quite a bit… or rather, to not change. “The heck ya mean?” you say… well, I had planned to be heading back to Korea at the end of the summer, but events have transpired that will likely result in me taking on a full time position at the preschool where I’ve been supply teaching. Oh, I still plan to go overseas at some point, but should this job pan out (and it likely will… parents even started lobbying for me to get the position once they knew there was one available – one of the hot moms among them, which made me grin for about an hour when I heard about it) I will be stationary for at least another year. It’s weird.

It will be good, though. I do love working there. I’ve even been known to go in on days when I was not getting paid just because I missed it. Missed conversations like the one I had today with a little girl I will call Sarah:

Sarah: (after a boy handed her a napkin): Thank you. Boys help girls sometimes if they are good.

Me: (a little dismayed): And girls help boys too.

Sarah: (head tilted, thinking): Yes… like, maybe, help him find his bowtie if he loses it.

That conversation is doubly funny (and a little bit scary) if you realize the girl in question is three and a half years old. Where on earth did she come up with that?

Anyway, in completely unrelated news, I thought I’d share a video blog I found on one of my favourite websites, This video features Jay Baker, who I heard speak at the GCN Conference last New Years. He is such a kind and genuine guy, I felt really blessed to hear him speak. This video is brief, but maybe it will bless you too.


Anonymous said...

Hey, My name is Dave and I came across you site by accident I am a gay Christian male (27) I always wished there was a gay Christian group also, I am from a catholic background but I always enjoyed my aunts evangelical church more, it was more upbeat. I came across this site by accident, I don't have any gay Christian friends here in Ottawa, and there is no network here at all, just thought I would say hey.

If you wanna chat I think we could be friends. I could use a church buddy lol


JJ said...

Hey Dave! I knew there had to be more than just me in our great Dominion's Capitol! Anyway, I tried to send you an email, but it bounced back to me... is that your correct email address?

ArmoredCity said...

if you're staying in North America does that mean you're coming to the GCN conference again next year? say yes! :D

Brian and I are gonna keep you up late for fun sharing times again! lol

ArmoredCity said...

dave, you should join GCN - - I bet you could find a lot more people in Ottawa. Not that JJ isn't a great place to start!

Anonymous said...

Hey Again ;-)

hmm, I guess that account is'nt working I tried to log in and it said there is no such account lol try


JJ said...

Armored City

Of course I'll be going to the con! Of course, I will be better prepared to endure a late night chat without embarassing myself too much. :D

Once again, I tried to email you and it bounced back again. I'm heading to Bermuda in the morning to visit my family, I'll be back next week... maybe we can try again then!

Dave said...

lol okay lets try this one

Armored City
Thanks for the info, I think I might have joined that site a few years back no one lived near me then, I will have to check and see if my account is still up.

C.L. said...

JJ --

I got to your blog via Two World Collision. I have a friend who knows Eric. Anyway. I started reading your blog last night, and have found such comfort in it. I am trying to figure all of this out, and boy can it be ... ... frustrating, confusing, et al. I just wanted to say your blog was a comfort amidst the confusion. Thanks!

Casandra said...

Kids are so weird, and so funny. I'm glad to hear you'll be doing something you really like to do instead of postponing Korea for something necessary and tedious. From the little you've said in the past, it sounds like a really good fit.

Br. Jay said...

Kids are amazing. Often they seem to be a mouthpiece of God. I pray that you make the best choices in your decision to move/not move. :)