Sunday, February 10, 2008

116. 6 Random Things

Well, I’ve been tagged again, by no subject, so here goes. I’m to list six random things about myself. So here goes.

1. I LOVE superheroes. I’ve been known to get quite passionate in arguing why Batman is, in fact, not a superhero (depressed rich guy with a lot of toys and a leather fetish? Yes. Superhero? No.), or to try and explain why I find Spiderman more interesting, but have an emotional attachment to Superman. I actually own a Superman ring, which is one of my most prized possessions… when I couldn’t find it after my recent surgery I had a bit of a panic. It was missing for several weeks, turned up in my mom’s closet. I’ve also got a theory about superheroes and homosexuality (that has nothing to do with Batman and Robin) that I think might be why I love them so much… it’s not a well formed theory, but it’s this idea that there is something about you that is inherently different and the fantasy of the superhero is that it is something that makes you more powerful than everyone else instead of less. Like I said, just a theory...

2. I write poetry. Maybe one day I’ll post some. Who knows. I haven’t written any in a while though.

3. I really want to go to space. I’m hoping that ‘space tourism’ becomes financially feasible in my lifetime. I want to experience weightlessness, I want to see a sunrise over the curvature of the earth… basically I want to be an astronaut for a day, but without all the horrible training. I mean, some of it looks cool, but most of it just looks like it would make me sick.

4. I’m embarrassingly superstitious. I try not to be, but I am. Not about bad things, like, I don’t care if I break a mirror or a black cat walks across my path, but I can’t seem to stop the reflex of wishing on the “first star I see tonight” (which is part of why it really bothers me when I can’t see any stars), or even wish chips. I always want to catch those floating dandelion seeds, and even though I don’t celebrate my birthday, I want to wish on the candles on a birthday cake. Basically I just wish on things.

5. Actually that reminds me of another thing, the one thing I’m superstitious about in a bad way. My birthday. I don’t celebrate my birthday. I had a series of really awful birthdays so now I’m rather paranoid about it, and I just try and skip past the day if I can. Most of my friends don’t know exactly when my birthday is, and the ones who do know enough to either ignore it or be very sly in their birthday greetings. I just never want a big thing, because there has just been a history of big birthday things going very badly, and it’s to the point that the one time since I instituted this ‘no birthday’ rule that someone tried to throw me a birthday party, my paranoia ruined it and I ended up having a panic attack and sobbing my eyes out. So yeah, no birthdays.

6. Well, that was kind of depressing so… how about something completely superficial? I’m totally attracted to ass-kicking women. (You know, I think this is a first… I don’t think I’ve ever written specifically about any characteristics in a woman that attract me before). And by ass-kicking I mean ass-kicking. I don’t know if it would translate to real life, to be honest, mostly because I don’t get a lot of opportunity to see people fighting in general, but I know that fight scenes in film that involve women always pique my interest. I actually didn’t realize this about myself until the movie Serenity came out. I’d watched (and loved) Firefly, and totally loved the River character – I found her really interesting, but nothing more. Then the movie came out and River suddenly went from being this completely helpless little girl to kicking all that ass and I was suddenly all about River and then had a moment of “whoa… what’s that all about?” and going back and realizing that I have a bit of a history of being attracted to female characters that kick ass. Starbuck, Sarah Conner (in her new incarnation too… you should totally check that show out if you haven’t already, it’s good even without the strong woman -- actually, it has 2 strong women -- although… then it wouldn’t be a show really), B’Elanna Torres, and while I was never into Buffy, I totally had a crush on Faith. There are loads of others, but I’ll stop there before I embarrass myself further.

Okay, those are my 6 random things. And I think I’m supposed to tag 6 people. So… Eric (even though he ignored my last tag), Eugene, Armored City, Peterson, Liadan and Christine.


ArmoredCity said...

ooh, a clever ploy to get me back to my poor, waifish, malnourished blog.

Ana Jurney said...

hey, nice post. i like your super-hero theory...i would have to agree with you on that one. i love the show 'smallville'...even though it seems so high school, i just feel like i can totally relate to the whole dual identity thing.

so firefly was a cool movie? i'll have to check it out.

Liadan said...

Wait, didn't you tag me last time? There's gotta be some kind of statute of limitations on meme-tags.

(no subject) said...

sorry for re-tagging you! but thanks for being a good sport. and i like your superhero theory too!
thanks again!

marauder said...

The dual identity of superheroes is a natural for just about every group to latch onto. It makes complete sense to me for it to resonate with the gay community, as it often has.

Marvel Comics has played into this many times, particularly with its X-men titles, since mutants are feared and hated for being different. About fifteen years ago, there was a storyline about a virus that was infecting the mutant population, and no one really cared ... until it started infecting ordinary humans too. The parallel was a little belabored, but it shows that someone was *trying* to think beyond the silly capes & costume mentality.

And I'm disappointed that you never tag me anymore -- especially when I still tag you.