Friday, February 01, 2008

115. World's Colliding!

So, it’s not really a secret that I love Ellen. She’s funny, smart… I love the way she dresses (seriously… I think she’s one of the best dressed celebrities out there)… she just makes me happy. Now I don’t watch everyday, but I do tivo it and usually do manage to catch up before my tivo decides to start deleting old episodes. Well, I was only a day behind today and so if you watched Ellen yesterday you saw this… you saw my worlds colliding – in such a good way!

I couldn’t find a clip of this on youtube. I actually ripped this myself – the first time I’ve ever done that! I just had to share it because it brought me such joy. I sat here in my living room, at first with my mouth just open in shock, and then grinning like an idiot. Kirk Franklin! Are you serious? Was I actually watching a lesbian rocking out to Kirk Franklin? I remember when that album came out and everyone in my church youth group was all over it – Stomp was the only song that I could stand on that CD actually. Watching Ellen dance along to a gospel song, and actually appearing to know the words… totally just rocked my world. (Not to mention the birthday greeting to Portia… I love it whenever Ellen even mentions her name.) Kind of like when I was dancing in the lesbian club in Korea and there was this song playing, and it had a certain sound to it so I turned to my friend I was there with and said “Man, this sounds like church music!” and went home and looked it up and low and behold – it was! (That link heads over to a youtube video that someone made featuring the song, I couldn’t find an actual video for it, but it’s a good song.) They played it a lot at the club actually. Made me happy everytime. When I was telling a good friend of mine about it, I explained it thusly – “It is just so amazing when they play that song at the lesbian club. It combines two things I love… Jesus and women!”

Perhaps not the most pious or profound thing I’ve ever said.


Eric said...

hehe, that WAS fun JJ, thanks for ripping it and helping to perpetuate the pirating industry! LOL, i'm so kidding.

actually, STOMP was the only song (or rather one of the few songs) of Kirk Franklin's that I like(d) too. it's a fun one that gets you off your feet!

haha, i was thinking, if you and I were in the audience, i'd grab you and we'd jump up in front of Ellen as she was passing through and start dancing and gettin freaky with her!


titration said...

This was great, and hey thanks for your previous post too. What a TON of work that must have been. It was very well written. Bravo.

The Auto Prophet said...

SOrry, I couldn't find your email address.

I argue in my blog that the AFA boycott of Ford is actually anti-family.

Your thoughts?

(no subject) said...

i LOVE ellen too!!!
and this was great!!!
ps-i've just tagged you to six random things...check out my page for more details =)

Michael Tyas said...

I think I might revlog this!

BentonQuest said...

What is so sad is what people miss when they just assume that gays cannot be Christians. God loves us all! People get over it!

Michael said...

Your post inspired one of my own.

JJ said...


Oh man, would I love to go to a taping of Ellen! Have you ever been? I have this impression that people in California go to things like that all the time. Am I right? It would be a blast to be there with you, but 'getting freaky' with Ellen... heh, that might be frowned upon! *giggle*

The Auto Prophet
I read a bit of your post (not all of it, I've been a bit busy, I'm afraid), and found it interesting. Using the story of Sodom and Gomorrah to show God's mercy, his willingness to spare the city if he could find 10 righteous men, I thought that was very interesting. Totally not how most people view that story.



You live in Winnipeg, eh? I lived there for 7 years... went to a private Christian school there, actually (SLWCA... ever heard of it?). Whereabouts in Winnipeg are you? What church do you go to?

Michael said...

I moved here last April and I LOVE it here! I go to the Winnipeg Vineyard Centre, a relatively new church north of Portage on main. I've never heard of the SLWCA.

wep601 said...

OOOH yeh! Thank you for this post! Made me smile, made me dance and sing! So glad I stumbled upon it today!!