Monday, January 30, 2006

54. My Thoughts on Brokeback... Finally!

I think I may be the only gay blogger left who hasn’t yet talked about Brokeback Mountain.  Oops… heh.  

I did see it, I made a point of seeing it before I left because I was fairly certain it would never make it over here to Korea.  

I don’t really have anything to say that hasn’t already been said on countless other blogs.  I found the movie beautiful, and heartbreaking.  And this will sound odd, but I was actually shocked at the lack of graphic sex in the film, because certain Christian reviewers had referred to the movie as… well, containing graphic sex scenes… when really, I’ve seen more graphic sex depicted on primetime TV so… I’m not sure what they were talking about.  

It did make me think more about these closeted men’s wives, and how much potential there is to hurt so many people when you have to lie about who you are. And while infidelity will obviously hurt your spouse, just the lie – without the infidelity – can also cause pain.  I’m reminded of a story I heard in an excellent documentary called Trembling Before G-d (a movie about gay orthodox Jews).  It was a story told by a psychologist who had been treating a woman for depression, when one day her husband came in and said “I think I’m the reason for my wife’s depression”, and went on to confess to being gay.  He had never strayed, never cheated on his wife, but she knew he didn’t desire her… could never love her the way she wanted to be loved, and it sent her into a depression.  

Anyway, like I said, it’s not like I have any new thoughts… this movie has been discussed ad nauseam in the blogosphere so… just thought I’d do my duty and ad my two cents.


~Dawn said...

I realize this has nothing to do with your post, but I couldn't find an email address.

I stumbled across this site on teaching abroad, that made me think of you when I saw it.

Hope all is going well in Korea.

Eric said...

thanks for being a team player JJ.

ha, actually, for TWC i put the trailer up but i don't think i ever processed my thoughts and reactions about the movie. probably because i did it verbally with my friends and i don't write as fresh if the topic has already exited my brain in one form or another...

as for the graphic sex .... yeah, um, right. i did notice that the audience got a clear shot of breasts but the guys were blurred out. hmm....

i saw more skin from Jake G. in Jarhead than in Brokeback.

Hope you're doing well in Korea!


limecut said...

Well i have to comment on this movie. Oh my gosh... it is so like my life.Yeh sure you all say. or you say no.. it's like mine!! Well it is because of the deceit, the intense longing in their hearts and bodies, the initial denial, and the way one person wants to give everything and go tr y to live with the other. It is the saddest thing I have seen in such a while and it cut to my core. If they hadn't married would life have been any better? In that day and age.... probably not... they would have ended up dead a lot earlier. I cannot understand what drives people to hate, bash and even kill those that they see as 'gay'. It must be such a threat to them. They must have such a fear of themselves and a denial in there somewhere.

I strike this even in my own family. My father refuses to believe that people even have gay sex. He doesn't even believe it! and yet he is a lovely man. But can be an angry man also.

Anyway I am thinking deeply because of the movie. Their passion, love, desire whatever, produced disaster in so many ways. But what if there were actually hurts in their lives that produced the disaster, then the gay thing wouldn't get the blame would it? Or does it still get the blame no matter what?