Saturday, October 29, 2005

37. Random Pop Culture Update

So… Sulu is gay. What does this mean for me? Not much, really. I am a sci-fi nerd, and a bona fide Trekkie, but I never really watched the original series – I think I may have seen 3 or 4 episodes in total, and 3 of the movies. If backed into a corner, I would say that Sulu is my favourite of the original crew, just because he is so damn cool looking (much more handsome that Shatner ever was, even at his best – why is Shatner still getting work???), and George Takei has one of the best voices ever.

Sulu is out. It doesn’t really affect me. I’m happy for him, and his 18 year relationship. And every time a celebrity comes out it means that people have to face it again, the reality of our existence… and I guess that’s a good thing.

I don't really have much to say about this, but as a gay Trekkie, I thought I couldn't really let this news go without comment. So... live long and prosper, people, live long and prosper.


CK said...

The swashbuckling episode should have been our first clue.

Check out the Worldmag blog discussion on Sulu. I chimed in a bit, but got very frustrated. I find it insightful into how some Christians view us (well, me.)

JJ said...

I have never seen the swashbuckling episode... which is a shame, because "swashbuckling" is a really fun word that I pretty much never get to use.

I went over to WorldMagBlog... interesting. I get so frustrated with that whole "flaunting" thing. Anytime a gay person says anything about who they are dating, or who they are attracted to, they are accused of "flaunting their sexuality". It's really annoying that all our feelings get labeled as sexual, but straight people can make out in public and it's romantic.

And, I hope you don't mind, but it was kind of fun to see you lose your cool a bit. You seem so collected to me. :-)

Eric said...

Hey JJ,

I love that you are a sci-fi fan! Don't stone me or anything but I still have not seen Serenity yet. I know, i know, i will. Everytime I plan on going, something comes up and i never get around to it. But i always think that once i see it, i'll let JJ know what i thought about it. I've only recently discovered Firefly on the Sci-fi channel and i'm loving:

1. the awesome and fun bantor between the characters

2. the dreamy doc - Sean Maher (sigh!) I know, now I'm going to be accused of "flaunting my sexuality".

I never watched much of the original star trek either - i started off with TNG and was hooked thereafter.


Ash said...

Hi JJ!

Yeah me either, I was always a Next Gen fan. Picard is so cool with his shiny head and Shakespearean accent. Go Professor Xavier!

Hehe and that whole Shatner thing... he's just funny to laugh at I guess. Not laugh "with", mind you. ^_^

CK said...

The "swashbuckling" episode can be found on the Star Trek website ( under the original series, episodes, first season.

Appropriately enough, it is entitled "The Naked Time" and Sulu gets to fence without his shirt.

And yes, JJ, I do lose my cool sometimes. I try very hard to act in message boards and on blogs as I would if I were face to face with someone. However, there are times when someone, even in a face to face confrontation, needs a little bit of a "Sheesh!!"

JJ said...


Get thee to a theatre now! :-)

Actually, I think it's beyond time to boost Serenity's numbers to the point that a sequel will be guaranteed, but it is an excellent movie (dreamy Sean Maher notwithstanding). None of the characters (or actors for that matter) appeal to me that way, (despite the fact that my screensaver is of River Tam), but I do love the show. Joss Whedon is just a good dialogue and story writer. Why Fox pulled that show is beyond me. Well... maybe just because they are evil.

Eric and Ash, Next Generation was my intro to the Trek world too. I caught a few episodes recently, it's still really good. Nice to know it stands the test of time.


Actually, I think you were quite restrained... "sheesh" is pretty mild, and they were being fairly ignorant.

I checked out a few clips from Naked Time... fun! But the over dramatic acting from the first series just sort of irritates me.

Eric said...

Darn! I wrote a comment then blogger didn't process it so i've gotta remember what i just wrote...grrr

Hey JJ,

I pray you are having a good time with your dad!

Well i did it. I finally saw Serenity! It wasn't playing anymore at alot of theatres (i was disappointed to discover) but i did find one near me that was playing it. It was awesome!

Funny thing....near the end of the movie right when they were about to make the "last stand" someone pulled the fire alarm and the projector automatically stopped. Everyone in the theatre yelled out "noooooo!!!!" The timing of where it stopped sucked but it (the timing not the prank) was pretty funny. After about half an hour they finally got everything up and running again and we got to see the rest of the movie.

Good thing too. Simon with his shirt off. *grin*


JJ said...


Glad you finally got to see it... Serenity was an awesome movie... probably the best one I've seen in a while. It's a shame it didn't do well... I really think Universal dropped the ball on that one, not promoting it like they should have.

Glad you enjoyed shirtless Simon :).

marauder said...

Fie upon thee. Fie, I say. Fie upon thee and all the many "Trekkies" who haven't seen Classic Trek.

Yes, it's campy. Yes, the production values are woefully below par for today. Yes, William Shatner never properly made the transition from stage acting to screen acting that plagued Patrick Stewart for the first season or two of ST:TNG.

It doesn't matter. Classic Trek is where it all began. The series explored a number of socio-political and religious issues of its day, bringing a dignity and seriousness to TV sci-fi (even with the campiness) that had never existed before. Even "Deep Space 9," which may very well be the best Star Trek series ever, owes everything it has to Classic Trek.

Repeat after me: "I will watch the entire Classic Trek series. I will be assimilated. I will learn to appreciate rubber lizard suits and cheap moving rock costumes."

Fie upon thee. You must watch the show.