Wednesday, August 31, 2005

13. Blog Day, 2005!

I didn’t know there was such a thing as Blog Day until I read about it on Two World Collision, where Eric had some very nice things to say about me and my blog that made me blush.  I want to highly recommend his blog too… I think it’s really interesting that he and I are starting from basically the same place, and yet we seem to be leaning in different directions.  He’s also just an amazing writer, so his blog is good to read anyway.  Plus, I am so grateful to have found someone who is on the same journey as me; especially someone as intelligent and kind as Eric (at least I think he’s intelligent and kind… it could all be an illusion! *smile*).  

From what I read on Eric’s blog, I think the rules of Blog Day are that I’m supposed to recommend blogs I like. Unfortunately, I’m really new to the blogging world, and there are only two blogs I read on a regular basis… Eric’s, which I have already mentioned, and Bad Christian (both of which I list in my links).  Bad Christian is also an awesome site, with some really thought provoking writing.  

One thing I wanted to write about, that has nothing to do with Blog Day, is just a little clarification on my last entry.   I just wanted to say that I do not necessarily support all of the things that gay rights activists are lobbying for – on most of the issues I am undecided (except for the marriage issue, which I have already mentioned).  For example, I don’t know how I feel about getting “My Two Mommies” into elementary schools.  What I was trying to say was that the “religious right” needs to understand that the motives of gay rights activists are not villainous… and if they continue to attempt to paint gay people as villains they will severely hurt any chance they might have of sharing the love of Christ with them.  

One of my best friends is a gay woman who has been with her girlfriend for over 5 years now. We’ve been friends since high school and she is not a Christian, but as I mentioned before, I have always been very open about my faith.  As the religious right has become louder and more vitriolic, I have felt her pulling away, and it saddens me.  I have tried to stop this, but I don’t know if I can.  The problem, you see, is that all she hears in the diatribes of our religious leaders is hate.  She does not hear any reasoned arguments, or moral objections… just hate.  How are we, as Christians, supposed to share the love and grace of Christ with a group of people who have every reason to assume we hate them?  

I have been including myself in the group of Christians, because I am one, but I have felt that hate too.  And I think I may have seen even worse examples of Christian ignorance and hatred, because I am on the inside – and I am sort of undercover.  I have heard Christians say, in the wake of a gay bashing, that they wished they had been there so they could have joined in.  I have heard Christians say that we should “ship all the faggots to a deserted island somewhere so they can all infect each other with AIDS and die.”  And I have heard other Christians laugh politely when they hear such things, because they don’t think it’s that all that wrong to think them.  

Anyway, that was my point in my last blog.  Sorry to have turned it into a lecture.  Happy Blog Day, 2005 everyone!    

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Anonymous said...

Di the anonoymous blogger, plugging away again . . .

All I can say is that I am right there with ya when you post about the hate-filled attitudes of SOME Christians. Believe me, THEY WORK MY LAST NERVE TOO!

I still remember the day I was out to dinner with a bunch of friends from a Bible study. A group of drag queens came in from the nearby bar, and some in our group started making fun of them, while I sank lower and lower in my seat hoping against hope that the group wouldn't hear the shameful behavior of my table-mates. And all I could think was that here were people who desparately needed the love of Christ, and would never receive it as long as this was what they saw of His people!

Trust me, there are many who do not behave in the ways you and I have posted!

Does your lesbian friend know that you love her NO MATTER WHAT? Because that is the thing that kept NSF and I close friends for more than two decades. Yes, I noticed a dynamic of the "Triangle" As I drew closer to God, he was further from me.

Then came the miraculous day that he actually CALLED ME and ASKED if he could go to church with me. If I had acted the way the people you mentiioned had, would he have still gotten saved? Perhaps. Would I have had the pleasure of seeing it? Nope.

It wasn't long after that that he started talking about walking away from homosexuality. This is something I never said to him, nor would I ever. There is one Holy Spirit and I AM NOT IT!!

Hope your blog day was happy. My blog is still stuck in the mud.