Tuesday, February 14, 2006

56. Valentine's Day

Well, it’s here. Valentine’s Day.  I actually would have probably forgotten about it if I wasn’t working with kids.  For the first time in a long time I’m not surrounded by couples, and I’m not living in a place that feels the need to plaster pink hearts all over everything for a month before the actual day.  I don’t have cable (which means I have no TV channels) so I don’t know if there are a ton of commercials celebrating romance.  This is the first Valentine’s Day in a long time that I haven’t felt slightly bitter, and like a second class citizen…  I mean, I’m single, I’m thirty… if I were in a sitcom I’d be the funny, loveable, overweight sister of the sexy lead actress – who they would eventually set up in a relationship because single women over thirty are apparently pathetic.  

But, as I said, I am not feeling bitter this year… for the first time in 5 years (quite specifically, for the first time since I lived in Ireland).  I got an insane amount of chocolate from the kids at school – more than I really know what to do with… and it will probably happen again next month (they have 3 consecutive chocolate themed holidays in a row here… today is actually “White Day”, I forget what next month’s is, but the one after that is “Black Day”, when single people are supposed to treat themselves… a neat idea!).

I don’t have much to say, I just wrote a post yesterday.  But it is Valentine’s Day so I thought I should post.  I think I’ll just point you in the direction of some interesting reading I’ve encountered recently.  E over at Paradoxy has an excellent series he’s been writing called Defending Truth by Telling Lies.  I don’t know if he’s intending to write more on this subject, but so far he’s got Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.  And then there’s an article that Brady over at Some Guys are Normal linked to from Christianity Today magazine.  It’s really an excellent article about the attitude of Christian conservatives towards gays.  I’ve actually read a bunch of really thoughtful articles from that magazine recently – even their review of Brokeback Mountain wasn’t all about how the ‘gay agenda’ was taking over or any of that nonsense that the Religious Right likes to talk about.  Oh, and then there’s this post about Battlestar Galactica over at The Chaos Principle.  I realize that it has nothing to do with being Christian, gay or confused, but it was really interesting to me.  Oh, and one more.  If you have a chance, go listen to Eric from Two World Collision’s interview on GCN Radio.  He’s the February 10th episode.  

Okay, I’ve gone a little linktastic there, so I think I’ll give it a rest.  

Happy Valentine’s Day

Love, and all that other mushy stuff.

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limecut said...

Yeh.. Valentines Day. I'm glad you had a better not bitter day. Yeh it would be pretty busy with a new job and a new country!! Well I wonder how long the whole discussion of 'gay and christian' will take? In the context of the worlwide church I mean. Maybe it will be decades or maybe it will never stop. But in the meantime we could just do what the 'preacher friend' of yours does. Just say we will look at that later and get on with life and living it and doing it. And if that means loving and living with the same sex and loving God and participating in the church .... may-be that's not so bad! You know I think for me it is the secrecy thing that I hate a real lot. I hate being secret. May-be that's why the 'Coming Out' feels like such a relief for people. But as a parent of teenage children in a small town it doesn't look like that would happen for me. So yeh I just take the line of thought that what I feel on the inside and what I do in private is my business.. just like I don't want to know what goes on in every-one else's heart. But it would be nice to share this with some of my best friends.Why is that so scarey? I am finding out stuff about myself things that would have have been better placed in my life when I was 18 or something!!